We are pleased to inform you that our Company name Suzuki Shutter Company (Hong Kong) Limited is changed to LIXIL Suzuki (Hong Kong) Company Limited with effect from July 2012. LIXIL Corporation is Japan’s largest manufacturer group for quality building materials and housing equipment. LIXIL develops business globally and has more than 70,000 employees worldwide.

It is LIXIL’s philosophy to integrate individual strengths of the members and partners within the Group, working together to create an effective synergy to drive business growth and to better serve clients’ needs through the promotion of each other’s products.

In this connection Suzuki Shutter Company (Hong Kong) Limited, as a member of the LIXIL Group, will operate under the new name LIXIL Suzuki (Hong Kong) Company Limited, in order to promote the products that LIXIL offers along with our own range of fire and security shutters and related products to our clients.

The basic policy in manufacturing of our product are STRENGTH, BEAUTY and LOW COST, which has been cultivated over 100 years experience in Japan and 40 years experience in Hong Kong. We are confident that our company and its products will continue to be highly evaluated for our experience and good faith with which we pursue the excellence.

The installation of our shutters extend to every corner of our nation and they have been used in many well known buildings throughout Hong Kong. In addition, our shutters have been supplied to Macau, Mainland China and even Southeast Asia.

We devote to research and improvements for constantly diversified demands, we intend to push forward to respond to the demand of our customers by the technological resources stored up years of experience. We look forward to your most welcome support expressed by successive orders for shutters and other building materials among our manufacturing lines.

We provide tailor-made services to our valuable customers, including design, supply, fabrication, installation of Fire-rated shutter, Security Rolling Shutter, Fire Curtain and Smoke Curtain for commercial complex, shopping mall, car park, office building, residential building, factory and godown.
We have a professional team of Shutter Doctors to serve the customers. We provide full maintenance and repairing services for all kinds of shutters. We provide full year maintenance, regular checking and 24-hours emergency call repairing services.